New housing adjacent Pantano River Park

Compact housing


  1. Karen Berchtold says:

    The Mesquite Homes housing development at the SE corner of Pantano Parkway and Golf Links is notable for several reasons: it is compact walkable, and incorporates some smart growth principles. What is “compact walkable”? Compact, walkable neighborhoods are developed at a density of about 15 to 30 persons/acre, with well-designed sidewalks that provide access to the broader transportation network of sidewalks and transit facilities. Compact, walkable neighborhoods promote a higher concentration of pedestrian activity, making walking feel more comfortable and safe. It is also more cost-efficient to provide and maintain such facilities.

    How does this neighborhood incorporate smart growth principles? And what is smart growth, exactly? The development is located adjacent to a regional multiuse trail and public park along the Pantano River. According to the website for Smart Growth America, “Smart Growth strategies can create transportation systems that better serve more people.” By developing housing at a slightly higher density along the trail, more individuals have ready access to the multi-use trail system. The public park is an amenity that is used by both residents of the neighborhood and others.

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